Danielle & Danny’s Wedding

The story of how Danny and I met is actually kind of silly.

I was working at the Speedway and Danny was there with his Dad and a couple buddies. Danny races as well but was just there watching that night. I was waitressing up in the VIP suites going along asking if anybody needed anything (beer, burgers, etc.) when I came across this group of guys. Danny’s dad introduced me to the guys and to his son. They of course were giving me a hard time for making small talk with Danny.

I continued working the rest of the night and made my final rounds through the suites when I came across Mark again who stopped me and began telling me Danny wanted to get my number that night. At first I thought he was crazy, but something was telling me to go ahead give it a try, see what happens. There was something about Danny I really liked, so, I gave him my number and later that night Danny and said he would be getting a hold of me soon. Of course, I had butterflies but I wasn’t gonna get my hopes up.

A few weeks went by and I hadn’t heard from Danny until one night I got a message on Facebook from him explaining how he lost my phone number. We exchanged numbers over Facebook and sure enough I got a phone call the next night. Now, I was curious how he had found me on Facebook. Surprisingly, he said he dug out a phone book and went down the list. He knew my last name started with an S and that I was from Holdingford. If that doesn’t say he was interested I’m not sure what does. Things went from there and I guess I gave my number to the right guy that night!

Danny picked the perfect time to propose.

It was a complete surprise! It was the week before Christmas on a Wednesday night when Danny said he was going to meet me at my apartment after work so we could run into St. Cloud and finish our Christmas shopping. He was waiting for me at my apartment when I got off work so I made us supper before we headed into town. As we were eating Danny began telling me this story about an old German tradition called “hide the pickle” on the Christmas tree. I had never heard of this before and I should have been connecting the dots to all this but I was so tired and just wanted to go finish our Christmas shopping.

The story behind this game is when the parents decorated the Christmas tree , they hung the pickle ornament last hiding it in the branches of the tree. When it was time to view the tree, the children would come out searching for the pickle ornament knowing they would receive an extra gift for being the most observant. Danny said he already hid my pickle as I was getting ready so I began searching for it on my 4-foot Christmas tree.

It didn’t take me long when I soon noticed a small green thing dangling in between the branches. As I reached in to take the ornament off, the pickle spun and attached to the ornament was….SURPRISE!!! A RING!!! Next thing I know Danny is down on his knees asking me to marry him.

Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-008 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-001 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-002 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-003
Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-30Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-005 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-006 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-007 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-009 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-010 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-011 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-012 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-013
Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-015 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-016 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-017 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-018 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-019 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-020 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-021 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-022 Freeport-Holdingforn-MN-Wedding-Photography-023

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