How to spot a great wedding photo

Trying to choose what photo you want enlarged, matted, framed and put above the fireplace can be a tough choice. A series of photos will tell a more complete story of your day and I’ll give you some advice on how to choose from your favorites.

helping-with-brides-dressChoose a photo that tells a story.
 Since you can’t put a video in a frame and put it on your wall to tell your story (at least not 24/7), you’ll want to choose a photo that can. This picture of a bride putting on her dress shows a slew of helping hands. We all know that weddings are a tremendous amount of work, and we can’t do it alone. This picture symbolizes the number of people (and hands) it takes to plan and pull off a wonderful wedding. The bride simply can’t do it all herself and has to rely on her wedding party for help and guidance in planning and executing her wedding.

Choose a photo that represents a clear part of the day. If you can’t remember the exact time and place the photo was taken then that photo is going to loose its significance to you over time. This “getting ready” photo might be a good choice to represent the morning efforts of preparation, but you’d probably want to additional photos that represent important events throughout the day.

Choose a photo that is dramatic. It’s hard to turn away from a dramatic photo. Maybe it is the lighting, the emotion, the color, or the timing of photograph that makes it a good candidate, just make sure the photo has that dramatic element that is going to spark an emotional connection with you many years later.

Choose candid over posed. Posed shots have a purpose, you’ll want them to remember who was at your wedding, what they wore, and how skinny everyone once was. But, most group posed shots lack the emotion and the spontaneity that make a great photo. Candid photos tend to capture more emotion and convey a more relaxed moment than posed shots.

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