Making the most of adverse weather

Heidi-Andy-Wedding-blog-100Sometimes the weather just doesn’t agree with us. It seems that every type of weather has a simple solution though, right? Well, sort of, it’s when you start combining bad elements that things get real tricky.

While shooting at a recent wedding I had a very short time frame to shoot outdoor Bride & Groom photos. The short time frame (less that 20 minutes) prevented us from walking very far from the church to find a easier location. High winds and bright overhead sun with little shade made the situation a bit difficult. I circled the bride and groom several time trying to figure out what direction made the most sense to shoot them from. I turned them away from the sun, so there faces were in shade and turned the bride into the wind so her veil would blow behind her, not obstructing her face. The images turned out to be dramatic.

Bright sun, wind, rain all present potential problems when photographing a wedding, but I’ve noticed that some of my most dramatic images are taken when the weather isn’t cooperating.

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