MaryLynn and Dan’s Wedding

When two great people unite together for life

There is pain in life, there is betrayal and heartbreaks yet we believe in love, we believe in companionship. There are some people who teach us the importance of hope, dream and love through their lives. MaryLynn and Dan are such people who make you smile, believe in yourself and love more. The first time when we met them, we were bowled over by their jest for life. We consider ourselves lucky to have witnessed their love and being a part of their wedding.

The wedding of MaryLynn and Dan

It was a summer wedding. The sun was shining brightly. The atmosphere was electrifying, reflecting the mood of the couple. There were happiness and joy in the air. MaryLynn radiated beauty and happiness and Dan looked smitten by his would-be-wife. The groomsmen were ready to cheer them up with their heavily tattooed and chiseled bodies.

We were eager to capture the fleeting moments in our cameras and few of them got etched in the memory forever. Like the one in which Dan kisses the bride and tears trickle down her eyes. Life is made up of such moments!

MaryLynn wore a white off-shoulder gown for her wedding. Being an owner of a bridal shop, she designed her own wedding dress and it perfectly suited her body and personality.

We took several photographs of the couple against the June sky. The wedding venue, Wedgewood Cove in Albert Lea provided some breathtaking views to shoot the memorable wedding.

The children were as happy as their parents and posed for the camera effortlessly. MaryLynn being a very energetic person cracked a few jokes with the bridesmaids and made them laugh like anything. The ladies looked lovely in their dresses and had so much fun!

The wedding was attended by the couple’s close relatives and it was a very warm affair. It was so heartening to see Dan wiping tears off her cheeks when she broke down while taking the wedding vows. Real relationships are made of such stuff, we realized again. Throughout the ceremony, the children were present by the side of their parents to cheer them up.

The couple danced and set the floor on fire. The friends and family joined too which added to the enjoyment.

The beautiful flowers, warm sun and lush green meadows witnessed the union of two hearts. We wish them lifetime of joy and happiness. Whenever they watch their wedding photos, their hearts would swell with joy and make them realize how beautiful life is.

MaryLynn-Dan-004 MaryLynn-Dan-002 MaryLynn-Dan-003 MaryLynn-Dan-001 MaryLynn-Dan-005 MaryLynn-Dan-006 MaryLynn-Dan-007 MaryLynn-Dan-008 MaryLynn-Dan-010 MaryLynn-Dan-011 MaryLynn-Dan-009 MaryLynn-Dan-012 MaryLynn-Dan-013 MaryLynn-Dan-014 MaryLynn-Dan-015 MaryLynn-Dan-016 MaryLynn-Dan-017 MaryLynn-Dan-019 MaryLynn-Dan-020 MaryLynn-Dan-021 MaryLynn-Dan-022 MaryLynn-Dan-023 MaryLynn-Dan-024 MaryLynn-Dan-025 MaryLynn-Dan-026 MaryLynn-Dan-027 MaryLynn-Dan-028 MaryLynn-Dan-029 MaryLynn-Dan-030 MaryLynn-Dan-031 MaryLynn-Dan-032 MaryLynn-Dan-033 MaryLynn-Dan-034 MaryLynn-Dan-035

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