Valerie & Scott’s Wedding

Where was your first date?

He took me fishing at sunset on a nearby river. He brought one blanket, one lantern, and two fishing poles. We fished under the stars. I did catch more fish too 🙂

How did he propose?

The day I moved to Baxter, due to taking a new job, we both went shopping for things we needed for our place. I told him we needed a microwave and he said that he would purchase one for my early Christmas gift. The minute we arrived home, I was unpacking and organizing. He took the microwave out of the box, and I opened up the door to the microwave and took away the access plastic and cardboard. When opening the door I saw a little red box….and thought to myself, that is not cardboard. Before I knew it he was down on one knee. I was so shocked I didn’t even say yes, he said “you can say yes or no.” And I said Yes!

Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-001 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-002 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-003 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-004 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-005 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-006 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-007 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-008 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-009 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-010 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-011 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-012 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-013 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-014 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-015 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-016 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-017 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-018 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-019 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-020 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-021 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-022 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-023 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-024 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-025 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-026 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-027 Lester-Prairie-MN-Wedding-Photography-028

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